Olive Clock supports running multiple timers at the same time. Click the timer icon button in the menubar to open a timer window. Click on it again to open another timer window.

Setting the Timer

Use the hour, minute and second dropdown lists to set the time. Enter some text in the “About” box to remind you of the task this timer is about.

Start/Pause Timer

Click the play button to start the timer. The play button changes to pause button when a timer is running. Press the pause button to pause the timer.

Reset Timer

Click the reset button to reset the timer. If you reset while the timer is still running, the timer resets and starts the countdown immediately. If you reset when the timer is paused, the timer is simply reset and does not start the countdown. In this case, you must manually start the timer by clicking the play button.

Pin/UnPin Timer Window

Click the pin button to pin the timer window so that it is displayed on top of all other windows. The window transparency increases to show the content behind the timer window. This helps you to keep working on other applications with the timer always visible in the foreground.

Timer Notification

Around 4 seconds before the countdown ends, the countdown text starts flashing. At the end of the countdown, if the timer window is not visible or is minimized, the window is restore and made visible. You will also hear a ringtone indicating the end of the countdown.

Close Timer Window

Click the close button to stop the timer and close the timer window.