Getting Started


Desktop Installer: Download the installer from home page and double click on it to install the app. Windows Store: Click the Windows store link on home page, or open Windows store and search for “Olive Clock”.

Launch App on Windows Startup

Option 1

  • Launch the app, go to Menu > Settings > Startup. Enable the Launch app on Windows login option.

Option 2

  • Open command prompt by typing “command prompt” in Windows search bar next to start button, OR by pressing Windows+R keys.
  • Enter shell:startup and press Ok to open the startup folder.
  • Right click in the startup folder and create a shortcut to OliveClock.exe.
  • That’s it! The app will start whenever the PC is started.


The app checks for new updates automatically whenever it is launched and prompts you to install it. You can manually check for updates within the app by going to Menu > About > and clicking the “Check for Updates” button. This option is not visible if the app is installed via Windows store since store apps will install updates automatically.

Note: Installing an update preserves all your existing data like alarms, profiles, themes etc.

Technical Support

For any queries or feature requests, please drop us an email at [email protected] OR use the contact form.


To uninstall the app, open the “Add or Remove programs” window, search for “Olive Clock” and click the uninstall button. To delete the app database as well, open windows explorer and navigate to C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Local\ folder. Delete the OliveClock folder. Note: Replace [your username] with the actual username on your computer.

Warning: Deleting the data folder will delete all app related data such as profiles, alarms, themes etc. If you install the app again, you must create this from scratch.